Since January 2021 MQTT.fx has moved to Softblade - a new founded German company now taking care about further development of MQTT.fx


Please refer to: for the lastest releases!


Previous Versions (until 2018)

MQTT.fx Version 1.7.1 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.7.0 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.6.0 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.5.2 (MacOS only, fixes system menu issues with on MacOS 10.13 High Sierra)

MQTT.fx Version 1.5.0 (Will not work with MacOS 10.13 High Sierry, more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.4.2

MQTT.fx Version 1.4.1

MQTT.fx Version 1.4.0

MQTT.fx Version 1.3.1 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.3.0 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.2.1 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.1.0 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 1.0.0 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 0.0.18 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 0.0.17 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 0.0.16 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 0.0.15 (more information)

MQTT.fxVersion 0.0.14 (more information)

MQTT.fx Version 0.0.13 (more information)